OnBeep China Travel Kit

The Orion standard-issue China travel kit

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After our trip with the Highway1 Accelerator group in November, we came up with a basic “away team” kit for the essentials on the CDC travel list for China and/or difficult to get once you are there.

I get asked about how I travel a lot, so I thought I’d share here in hope that it helps you.

(Want your own Official OnBeep Travel Kit? We’re hiring!!!)

First… a word on Toilets & Hygiene

  1. You have to carry your own tissues or small roll of toilet paper for the bathrooms in China, as it will rarely be provided outside of your hotel. Our kit includes a few packages of Kleenex White Facial Tissue, which I preferred to carrying little rolls of toilet paper.
  2. Chinese toilets are typically squat toilets. You will want to know how to use one before you need to use one. (Here is guide to using a squat toilet, here is another one.)
  3. Western-style commodes are often used by locals as squat toilets, which is why you will be glad you brought Charmin To Go Toilet Seat Covers.
  4. Soap is not something that is always provided either, so carry that Hand Sanitizer Gel!


Travel Health

You should see your doctor or your international travel clinic to get current CDC recommended vaccinations for travel to China. Your doctor may also prescribe an Antibiotic for Traveller’s diarrhea, along with other medications such as an antiemetic.

The Orion Labs Travel Kit

We started with the Adventure Medical Travel Medic Kit and supplemented it with extra Advil Tablets (which I needed), Imodium, and RecoverORS Rehydration Powder.

We also added Bonine Motion Sickness Protection because you can expect to spend so long in long bumpy van rides going from the factory to the hotel and back again.

Here is the our full kit…
OnBeep China Travel Kit
Here it is fully assembled
Fully Assembled

(Want your own Official OnBeep Travel Kit? We’re hiring!!!)